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Kivu Gin

Kivu Gin 🌋 Mufumbiro! 🥃

A little wonder of a Gin from the Kivu.

A magnificent product with a unique flavor.

4 ingredients gives this product a special taste.



Wild pepper

Le Kororima

All these ingredients come from North and South Kivu in the DRC 🇨🇩.

Even if the expertise of distillation has its Belgian🇧🇪 imprint, the congolese inspiration from the ingredients used is remarkable.

This product is like many other products of Congolese origin.




🔍 Rare

Therefore, Kivu Gin is a must-have if you want to discover an original Congolese-inspired product. This Gin is available at @originesetsaveurs and on the @kivugin website

Note ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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